Agalas Classic Routes
Agalas Sunset


We start our circular route from the village of Agalas. We have a view at the legendary Damianos Cave and we walk downhill, always overlooking the sea. Soon we can see in the valley the other part of the legend, the wells of Andronios. Leaving the tarmac road, and walking on a quite slippery dust road, we get to a place with breathtaking views at the rocky coastline. That’s where we will get ready for a unique sunset experience, where the sun dives into the sea. Up the hill, and from sunset to twilight, overlooking the landscape and marine scenery we get back to the village again.

Gerakas Classic Routes


After a short glance at one of the most important beaches for Caretta's nests, we start our hike, passing over the unique - moonlike - sea clay formations. The ruins of the Canons (Kanonia in Greek) and the Venetian-time Forest take us back in time. On the top of the hill, one of the Canons is visitable! From there the view of Gerakas peninsula and Vasilikos area is stunning. In the second part of the hike, we cross fields and farmlands, while we end up in a hidden beach with green waters.

Skopos Classic Routes


We walk up the sacred mountain in the southeastern part of Ζakynthos accompanied by amazing views, the smell of tasty herbs and scenting pinetrees. Reaching up the old and newly renovated church, Panagia Skopiotissa, we get to know more about the history of the island. For one of the best panoramic views of Zakynthos we can climb the very top of the mountain, overlooking from there Ionian Sea. From up there we enjoy the mountainous feeling, with gazing to the sea, Zakynthos town, entire Vrahionas mountain and flat country, Kefalonia and mainland of Greece.

Marathias Classic Routes
Marathias Hike


We start going uphill on a cement narrow road, passing through olive groves, apartment houses and soon an overlook into Laganas bay and to Marathonisi Island. Following a quite strenuous path along the green forest we come to a high steep cliff and for those free from giddiness a breathtaking view to the sea. We can choose (or not) the way down, as it gets narrower and more difficult, in the end opening to a hidden rocky strand. From now on, we continuously climb up, to reach the highest point of our walk. The way back follows a slightly downhill through the pine forest, olive groves and wonderful view to the plain of Zakynthos Island.

Giri Classic Routes
Giri Hike


Passing through the small towns of Koiliomenos and Louha along the way to reach the starting point of our hike, we feel the atmosphere of the old mountainous side of Zakynthos. Giri village is a very small and traditional village. We will walk mostly on dust road, we will enjoy the rocky, mountain landscape of the island, together with the characteristic flora and wildlife. The highlight of our hike is where we will be able to see almost the whole plain area of Zakynthos and if the visibility is good, we will also see clearly Kefalonia and mainland of Greece.

IMPORTANT Information about FόRα’s activities

Please bring with you: hiking shoes, something to eat and drink, protection against the sun (hat, sunscreen) Guiding is provided in: English & Greek The listed time is only about the hike. Please note that transport (pickup is provided from the place you stay), the visits to places of interest and stops in tavernas, etc. extend the duration in total. Safety is very important; therefore, I always carry a first aid kit with me. But please have in mind that participation to the activities of FόRα is always at your own risk.